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date 05/03/2009

I've added a working alpha of mood-nt for kernels >= 2.6.20 (that I ported working like speedy gonzales for fun for a university challenge) in the "codes" section. A lot of work is still required in order to make it perfect however, just in case, it's there.

date 21/04/08

New website is online. If you like my work, please take a minute and share it with others. To do so, click on the 'share this' button on the right column.

It's ads-free and you can enlist this website to the following websites (and more): reddit, delicious, myspace, windows live, furl, current, newsvine, propeller, blinklist, stumbleupon, digg, yahoo, google bookmarks.. you got it, didn't you?
Happy sharing!

date 31/03/08

Uploaded my bachelor thesis (italian only): Studio e sviluppo di un framework per l'analisi dinamica di codice maligno in ambiente virtualizzato.

date 1/06/07

News in codes sections, published the new beta version of Mood-NT. Now is much more stable, portable and powerful, check Changelog file for details.

date: 3/12/06

Published "Abuso dell'hardware nell'attacco al kernel di linux", now available in publications page (Italian)

date: 3/12/06

Slides of the speech at Net&System Security released! (Italian)

date: 17/10/06

Speech at Net&System Security 2006 about the software/hardware sinergy in linux kernel malware coding

date: 12/10/06

Mood-NT released!

date: 11/10/06

Codes section has been reopened for a while

date: 30/09/05

I wrote LKEPD to teach, not to be ripped without references,
Sorry guys, LKEPD will not be update anymore.

date: 19/02/05

Added a new chapter to LKEPD, "Network Hacks".
LKEPD now will be developed only for 2.6 kernels

date: 23/01/05

LKEPD - Linux Kernel Evil Programming Demystified - is being translated into English language. Stay tuned for updates.
In the meanwhile, the Italian version is still available on publications

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